Thursday, 27 November 2014

Plum Green tea mattifying moisturiser Review

Heyy guys today I am going to review a GREAT moisturiser for sensitive, acne prone/oily skin.


Packaging : It comes in a sleek pump dispenser bottle that is easy to use and travel friendly. I just need a pea size for  my face and every pump dispenses the right  amount.

You can also control how much you need in each pump. 

So a llittle goes a long way.

INGREDIENTS: As you can see in the above picture it is a water based moisturiser which makes it great for oily skinned beauties.

Its a silicone free (thus won't irritate skin or cause break outs), matte finish with non comedogenic (wont clog pores) ingredients. 

It also contains green tea & glycolic acid that is great to treat acne.

Its free from parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA &PABA. Check out their website for further details.
TEXTURE: its light & pale green in color due to which its cuts down the redness on my face and makes my skin appear more even toned & healthy. It gets quickly absorbed by the skin and makes my skin look matte yet healthy and not like one thats stripped off my skin's moisture.

Well guys let me tell you ever since i started using this my acne is soo under control. I started using this when i had like loads of pimples all over my face and after uaing this my skin does not break out and acne spots are also fading slowly.

All in all with this moisturiser & my healthy diet  I can finally say that my battle with acne is 80% won.

I can proudly say my search for perfect moisturiser  is over ans as its SPF free i can use it both during day & night. As i dont like using different creams.

I  dont see any cons in this product.

All in all its a great product that I am definitely going to re purchase.

Price: 450 INR for 50 ml

Shelf life : 2 years.

Rating : 5/5

Availability: & amazon.


  1. And now available in flipkart also....:)

    1. Yup its now available across various online sites :) Have you tried any of their product?

  2. Really it is very good for oily skin people.great review :)

    1. Thanks shilpa :) Have you tried any plum products? how did it work for you?

  3. I think this is worth a pick for acne sufferers. I am just out of the problem since some 1 year. I will suggest my sister to use this one. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yes this definitely helps sootheproblem skin but its also a great moisturiser for oily skin to nourish it :)

  4. I just love Plum each and every product
    If in doubt just go for it hahah I swear you all will this all the way from heaven 😘😍😍😍 Because it’s worth a pick