Friday, 14 February 2014

Maybelline Colorshow Nail polish in Orange fix

Heyy guys today's post is on the much raved Maybelline colorshow Nail Polishes.  I have 3 shades in this range check my haul post here. These little bottles look soo cute.. Well they dont just look good but also deliver their true purpose. Its one of the best polishes i have tried so far specially for the price you pay, its totally worth it I say..

I got these during the October month offer i guess when they were giving free nail polish brush on purchase of 2 color show polishes. (free stuff is always good ;) Right girls?I am yet to use the brush yet though.


Excellent formula. (clams to be gel based) and gives a very glossy finish. Even without a top coat you are good to go. Check out the above pic.

The color as you can see is a very pretty peachish corally orange which goes opaque in two coats. I love this color soo much. It instantly lifts up my mood. I cant stop staring at it LOL

Drys up quickly on nails and doesn't chip for 3 days on me and with a top coat it stays on for even longer.
Sorry about the slight chipping in last 2 pics. it dint chip i actually erased it unknowingly while wearing my gladiators as i was rushing for Sunday brunch with my girliees :) I got soo many compliments for this shade
(brownie points earned) which i wore with sheer super pretty peter pan top in emerald green.

PRICE: 75 for 6ml.


1. Lovely shade
2. Glossy finish
3. Excellent formula. (goes opaque in 2 coats)
4. Very economical. Value for money
5. 40 shades to choose from
6. Quick drying formula.
7. No chipping for about 3 days. and after that very slight.


None for me.

Next I wanna buy Crazy berry, Constant candy, Hooked on pink or fiesta fuschia I'm so confused between the 2. Any suggestions girls??

Ratings : 5/5 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Which shade do you love the most? Do lemme know in the comments below.