Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi brightening ayurvedic face scrub Review

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Hope you guys had a lovely time in first month of this New year :)

Today's review is on the Kumkumadi face scrub by Kama Ayurveda which I have been using for almost 2.5 months now. To find out how I feel about it please keep reading:)

This product won The Vogue beauty award  for best exfoliating face scrub 2014.


Luxuuurious. That sums it up. The outer packaging is very class & luxurious looking that infact I still store the container in it coz it looks so pretty in my dressing. Come in a dark brown glass jar. Not very travel friendly. But I anyway empty my sizeful products in small container stacks for easy of use & light travelling.


Its has a very mild smell that's quite pleasant. I like the fact that it isn't overpowering as other "Ayurvedic" products.


Its a cream based scrub with fine granules that gently exfoliates my skin without irritating it. The texture is neither course or abrasive nor too fine. Its just the right consistency. Girls with large pores will specially love this as it wont make it worse. It also has a few strands of Saffron (Kumkumadi/kesar) that doesn't really exfoliate but works towards adding a soft glow to the skin.

MY SKIN TYPE: Combination to oily acne prone & sesitive. (I know deadly. Pheww)


I spread the scrub the all over my face & neck leaving the eye area in a thin layer & leave it on for 2-3 mins & then I gently exfoliate in circular motions to take off dead skin cells.


This srcub gently yet effectively deep cleans my pores & removes the dead skin cells which makes my skin a lot softer & smoother. With continued usage it has slightly improved the texture of my skin. It does help in keeping my mild blackheads at bay but since I dont have any stubborn blackheads or overly congested pores I cant really say if it will eradicate them completely but with regular usage it will help you to reduce the occurrence of blackheads.  Also it has helped me minimise the tanning to small extent.

And this scrub kept me free from dead cells while adding a subtle glow to my skin.


1. Gentle & effective in cleaning the pores & removing dead skin
2. Luxurious packaging
3. Comes with a wooden spoon
4. All natural ingredients
5. Keeps mild blackheads at bay
6. Cleans & soften my skin
7. Nourishing. Makes skin supple
8. Can be used by all skin types unless your skin is EXTREMELY OILY.
9. Safe for sensitive skin.
10. Paraben free.


1. Availability
2. Price (Although I consider Ayurvedic & Organic skin care products as an investment but some may find it expensive)
3. Jar packaging can be unhygienic unless you scoop out the product with spoon/ spatula & keep it clean.
4. Not suitable for very oily skin during summer months.

PRICE: INR 795 now raised to 995 for 50 grams :( Why Kama why :P

ATSL RATING: 4.75/ 5

Would I recommend? Defintely yes.  I will keep repurchasing this.

Available online: www.kamaayurveda.com & in store in Chennai at Phoenix market city mall.

Have you tried the Kama Ayurveda kumkumadi brightening face srcub? Or would you try this? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I love this scrub. Been using it for 2 months and its working well on my oily skin. The only thing I don't like is the high price tag.

  2. I have heard raves about this, would love to try it. great review :)

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  3. If a scrub cleans my pores and is moisturizing Iam all for it. Great review!

    1. Thanks :) Do try 7 let me know how it works for you.

  4. Nice review. This brand is raising its prices, I am yet to give them a try! Happy Weekend!

  5. I haven't tried this product yet but I'd love too :) I love scrubs that nourish the skin too <3

  6. Looks like a great product! :)

  7. Oh no! The price tag! :( Maybe I can try it when I save enough! :P Good review! xx


  8. Kama products are always a delight ! apart from the price :P

  9. It's great that this is gentle on the skin!

  10. I have the exact same skin type as you! Combination, acne prone, super duper sensitive! Anything I put on my face leads to pimples/rashes/itching 90% of the time :( But if this scrub suits you,I am pretty sure it will suit me too :) Thanks for the hope :D



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