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Hey guys this is the first skin care post I'm doing so i wanted to start with the basics. If you want to know about skin and the basic skin care routine that most women including celebrities follow then keep reading :)..


It is the largest organ in our body and  has a surface of nearly 2 square metres.

 Its made up of 
  1. Collagen (helps to keep the skin firm) 
  2. Elastin (to make skin supple and elastic)

  • Protection  (from disease causing particles as most of it cant enter unopen skin)
  • Absorption
  • Insulation
  • Heat control
  • Perception
  • Excretion  (sweat contains urea thus a minuscule part of waste gets emitted)

Epidermis :

  • Outer most layer of the skin which gets most damaged.
  • Responsible for protection and cell renewal.
  • we loose 1 gram dead skin cells each day.
  • UVA rays damage this layer.
Dermis :
  • Middle layer of the skin.
  • Acts as a Water reservoir.
  • Contains: nerves,  blood vessels and sweat glands.
  • UVB rays penetrate and damage this layer.
Hypodermis :
  • Inner most layer of the skin.
  • Shock absorber.
  • Energy reservoir.
  • Regulates body temperature.

Now I will tell you guys how to follow the basic skin care routine and what does each step do.

STEP 1 : Cleaning

STEP 2 : Toning

STEP 3 : Moisturising (Hydrating).


  1. If you are wearing make up take your makeup remover or cleansing milk and pour it on to the cotton wool and remove all your make up in outwards motion.
  2. Wash your face with luke warm water (not hot).
  3. Take your face wash and gently massage your face in upward and outward motion.
  4. now clean off your face with cold water.

  1. Removes dirt, excess oil, make up residue.
  2. Fights against spots and blemishes.


  1. After your face in clean pat dry with a clean towel or tissue.
  2. Take a cotton pad/wool and pour in generous amount of toner based on your skin needs.
  3. Apply it starting from your neck and gradually move upwards towards your forehead leaving the eye area.
  1. Makes skin firm and tightens it with less noticeable pores.
  2. Removes last traces of makeup keeping you completely dirt free.
  3. Closes your pores. Hence it prevents dirt and harmful bacteria from entering into your skin.
  4. Prepares your skin to receive the benefits from other products.
  5. Maintains skin's pH balance.



  1. let the toner settle into your skin for five mins.
  2. Take a pea size or generous amount (sufficient enough to cover your face and neck) of moisturizer cream/gel/lotion based on your skin type.
  3. Apply small dots all over your face and then massage it gently in an upwards and outwards motion.
  4. after you have covered your entire face pat your face with a very light hand to allow the moisturizer to be absorbed by your skin.
  1. Prevents dehydration.
  2. Leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.
  3. Softens and protects skin against pollution.
  4. Nourishes and restores your skin.
And thats it! :) follow this simple every day skin care routine twice a day: morning and evening and  you will see a noticeable difference in just a few weeks.

Will do a advanced skin care post soon. Followed by the type of products required depending on skin types so keep watching this space :).

My aunt flew down from U.S. yesterday via Paris so lots of gifts eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;).. Will do a post soon on that as well :)..

Take care.

Lots of love,

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