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Plum Angel Kohl Kajal in True black review + swatch

Hey Gorgeous :) today I am going to review another organic product from one of my recent Favourite brand Plum.

How cute is the white & purple packaging ^_^

I have already reviewed a few more of their amazing products on my blog like Choco latte hand cream HERE and Green tea mattifying  moisturiser HERE


Jojoba oil
Pronounced “ho-ho-ba” oil, jojoba oil is a skin-compatible naturally occurring “goody” that PLUM loves. Because it resembles the natural chemistry of sebum on skin, it has excellent healing and moisturizing properties to keep your eyes shining through the day
Macadamia oil
Rich in antioxidants, including squalene, a naturally occurring antioxidant present within our skin, macadamia oil makes this formulation supremely skin-compatible.
Chamomile flower extracts
Soothing, relaxing, and calming. Now you know what Angel Eyes is all about.
Mango seed oil
Bet you never thought about oil when you saw mangoes. Some of us did, and decided to include this really exquisite source of essential fatty acids and vitamins in our kohl kajal

What PLUM says about this Kohl :

♥ Heavenly soft texture cushions your eye. All-day wearing comfort.
♥ 100% natural formula. Free of synthetic preservatives, dyes & fragrances.
♥ Rich "True Black" color with excellent coverage & long-lasting application. Does not smudge easily!
♥ Soothing chamomile extracts, hydrating jojoba oil & nourishing macadamia and mango-seed oils for soft, nourished skin.
♥ Excellent skin compatibility, suitable for sensitive skin.
♥ Dermatologically approved.
♥ Encased in a beautiful wooden pencil crafted from sustainably grown Weymouth Pine wood (FSC certified).
♥ Natural Vitamin E antioxidant. Helps against ageing of skin.
♥ Finished product not tested on animals.
♥ Made in the EU and conforms to US, European and Japanese regulations.

Do you need anything else tell me :P It indeed has all the goodness inside.

Left : 1 swipe,  Right : 3 swipes

  • It arrived in just 2 days which is the QUICKEST DELIVERY by far from any of my shopping experiences online.
  • As soon as I got my package first things I used was this Kohl & the hand cream & trust me its so gentle & soothing to the eyes you guys (rhyme not intended LOL) 
  • Its super smooth and glides on my waterline like DREAM.
  • No tugging or pulling.
  • Does not sting.
  • Coverage is rich black.
  •  On me it stays on for 4-5 hours with just a slide fading after that.
  • If you rub on it it will smudge slightly so keep your hands away.
  • Its AWESOME to create Smokey Eye look trust me guys. I did a Classic Black smokey eyes using this pencil as a base all over my lid and then used rest of my eye shadows and it turned out SUPER SEXY ;)

This was after the vigorous rubbing 

What even Nicer? On purchase of this Angel Eye Kohl Kajal you get a Plum Posh Eye Pencil sharpener (Dual) Free.

And not Just this Kohl but the sharpener is pretty amazing too. 

Check out the Picture below. 

  • The most unique thing about the sharpener is that it even has a cleaning stick WOWWWWW its like someone read my mind because I just hate having sharpened pencil bit sticking on my sharpener and then it stains rest of the products in the box. 
  • It comes with a fully detachable cover so my lovelies this is super travel friendly and you can easily store it in your purse. 

ATSL Overall Rating - 4/5 
Pigmentation - 4.5/5
Long lasting - 3.75

I recommend this product to everyone who wanna save their eyes hehe :)
Available online : &

Lots of Love,

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