Thursday, 5 February 2015

Valentine's day Giveaway Contest CLOSED

Hello my choco pie(s).

Its the season of love and what's a better time to give back to all my lovely readers for all the love you guys have shown towards the blog.

So here I am with my first Give away for all you lovelies.

Its yummy..
Its romantic..
It will turn all your senses on ;)

<3 <3 <3

Oh you guessed it right Its Chocolate ;) 

Lets get straight into this romantic Give away.

Plum Goodness is sponsoring a Give away to make your Valentine's Day extra special with their *LOVING CHOCOLATY PAIR*  which includes a Plum Choco latte Body wash and body lotion.

One Lucky winner will win these chocolaty goodies. 

 Who does'nt love chocolate huh?

This giveaway STARTS on 5 February, 2015 and Ends on 13 February  20 February, 2015.


1. Like My Facebook page All That She Lovess & Plum FB Page.

2. Like & Share the give away post from my FB page on your wall by tagging at least 5 of your friends. The more active you are the better.

3. Follow my Blog by Email. ( You will find this widget in the right corner below *Popular posts* below *Labels* section)

Additional Entries: ( Completely Optional but you can earn brownie points)

1.Follow Plum and ATSL on Twitter. And tweet I participated in @plumspeak @priyankaatsl #valentinesdaygiveaway #allthatshelovess #atsl.  You can also participate : HERE

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4. Answer this simple question : If this Plum loving chocolaty pair was your Valentine How would you propose it?

The words in blue are all links for your convenience.
  • Give away open only in INDIA till 20 February, 2015. 
  • Winner will be declared on my FB page on 21 Feb and has to email me within next 24 hours, failing to do so I will choose another winner .
  •  You have to be above 18 years. 
  •  After you are done with all these Steps comment below with your answer along with DONE & leave your email id.
I have more Giveaways in coming months so gear up. 

Good luck.

Disclaimer: Plum is the official sponsor of this giveaway and I am only hosting the Giveaway & declaring the winner.


  1. Hi... Lovely giveaway... truly Valentinish ;-)

    And here's my answer... If this PLum Chocolate pair was my valentine... :

    Your fragrance makes my senses go wild with desire,
    can you just melt on me and light my inner fire?

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  3. Hi Priyanka! I'm your new follower, followed you on instagram few days back . From there only I came to know about this *CHOCOLATY GIVEAWAY*
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

    If this Plum loving chocolaty pair was my Valentine, I would say -

    PLUM plum pLUM !!! I m sitting on my bum! You are non greasy, make me feel breezy-breezy !! I m mad in your Aroma of Chocolates , I shall keep u alwyz in my Pockets I've discovered joy for my skin, Please be my Valentine !!! :D

    My heart feels your aroma ; spread around me.
    My hearbeats tuned to the rythm of your love <3
    For now, I have a beautiful essence in the serene life.
    You lie everywhere, in my passion , my compassion.
    Whenever I close my eyes, I dream of you and with deep in my heart I say ILOVEYOU <3
    Let me indulge in the chocolaty world with you ? Let me touch you..touch you.. ! <3

    I've liked your page on FB from both my accounts :)
    Fb name- Svamps D Bst & 'PratIksha Sahu'
    Fb share link -

    Following you on twitter. My twitter handle- PratikshaSahu05
    Twitter share link-

    Followed you on pinterest. My username- PratikshaSahu05
    Already following you on instagram. My username- pratu_05

    Followed you blog via email :) My email id is-

    Trust me! If I'm a follower , I would be a genuine follower :)

    DONE :)

    Wish to win! <3
    Lotsa love !
    -Pratiksha :)

    1. I've been Sharing it everday :)
      Here are my shared links -







      Thankyou! :)

    2. More shared links :)

      Thankyou! :) :)

  4. My name- Jayanthi Parthasarathy
    FB link -
    Twitter link -
    My mail-
    Insta - JayanthiParthasarathy
    Pinterest - jayanthiparthas
    My Proposal ->

    I wake filled with thoughts of you, Plum Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash .
    The intoxicating evenings which we spent yesterday in the bath tub have left my senses in turmoil..... wanting more *sigh*
    Sweet incomparable choco-latte, what a lovely effect you have on my skin!
    Yielding to the profound feelings which overwhelm me, I draw from your sweet lips a cleansing lotion which heals me with glycerine and leaves me with a lingering, haunting chocolaty aroma

    You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought .
    Henceforth I am yours for everything.

    Will you be mine ?

    Waiting for your reply......Until then, mio amor, a thousand kisses.

    - X0X0

  5. love yummy smelling
    Follow you on pinterest

  6. Love to Read Article. Thanks for Sharing this.

  7. Facebook: Archana Guruswamy
    Instagram: archugurus
    Twitter: archugurus
    I love taking a bath with Plum choco-latte creamy body wash and using the body lotion.

  8. Heyy guys glad you guys have entered. Please dont forget to tag 5 of your friends on my FB post before sharing on your timeline.

    1. Doing it everyday! :)
      Will share all the shared links! :)

  9. Today's shared links :)

    Twitter -

    Facebook -

    Instagram -

    I gave my best! :)
    Wish to win :)
    Thankyou <3

  10. Thanks for the Chance ^_^
    happy to see Chennai blogger because am from Chennai :))

    Liked both the pages in fb & twitter :))

    FB Profile Name: Bhavani Sekar
    FB Profile Link:
    FB Shared & Tagged friends link:

    Twitter ID: @Poojadalu
    Twitter ID link:
    Twitted link:

    Pinterest Name: Bhavani Sekar
    Pinterest Profile Link:

    Instagram Followed as: @bhavanisekar
    Instagram profile link:
    Instagram "Reposted Link":

    Followed blog via email:

    You're my soulmate "Plum"
    My lover, and my friend.
    PLUM simply i love the way u making my skin feel as fresh as nature made it to be for me
    An impossible with out using yours clear, smooth, well-toned skin Products
    My dreams hopes and desires for you,
    Are for greatness and happiness in all that you do for my skin

    will U be my Valentine <3

  11. HI
    Thanks for awesome contest
    i have subscribed via
    Twitter @sugandhadixit85
    Fb sugandha dixit
    Instagram fashionistas_den1
    Pinterest sugandha dixit
    If Plum Was My Valentine i Wd propose in following way
    Oh My Dear Plum i am feeling so Numb ! Please Dont every go away fro me I wana meet u my mum
    So That no one can come between us n never gonna defeat our Love !
    U make Me intoxicated , U make Me young ! Lrets Be soulmates For years to come!
    Please Be mine oh plum
    Sugandha Dixit'

  12. i hav hsred n tagged on twitter n facebook n insta n tagged u