Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Covergirl Lip perfection lipstick in Spellbound Review + swatch

Heyy guys today I am going to review my first lipstick from Covergirl.

This one is a part of Covergirl LipPerfection lipstick and I am gonna review the shade #325 - Spellbound.
It really has left me spellbound ;)

The packaging is sophisticated and sturdy. These rectangular tubes come in semi reflective , semi matte packaging. 

The bottom of the tube shows the color so its very convenient to find the lipstick. Saves time you know.

Although I feel they should have mentioned the full name of this collection on the tube Covergirl lip perfection. Since I got it as a gift I had to search for the full name online.

Spellbound - 2 swipes
The pigmentation is excellent, lipstick goes super opaque in just one swipe. The staying power is remarkable  and even when it start fading which is after some 8-10 hours there is a stain left on lips.

Its a pain to remove this lipstick I need 3 sprays of my Lakme Absolute Bi phased makeup remover on my cotton pad to clean it completely. 

If you just want a tint of this then apply it using a lip brush or just dab directly from the tube with a light hand  on your lips.

It has a right level of softness and glides on smoothly. I would describe the finish as satin-y and it gives a nice sheen.

The only con I find is that the smell of the lipstick is synthetic but it fades away in just a few seconds. You may not like it if you have a very sensitive nose and you need some extra effort to remove it completely.

Availability in India is a problem.

My lip swatch
I first applied using a lip brush and built up the intensity gradually for a even and precise application. 
I dint use any lip liner underneath so that I can show how it looks on my bare lips.

Since its super pigmented I recommend you apply it with a lip brush first and then directly from the tube.

P.S : Its said to be a dupe for MAC Girl about town but since I have not used GAT I cant really say. Check out THIS link to see the swatches of MAC GAT & covergirl spellbound and decide by yourself ;)

Price : 7 USD

ATSL Rating : 4.75