Monday, 19 May 2014

Simple & easy Daisy flower manicure

Heyy guys :) I am back with another new manicure design. Its easy simple and super pretty..

This time I did it on my Mom and  No her fingers aren't so dark its just bad lighting and her tan from our vacation.


  1. First I painted all her nails with a base coat to protect her natural nails.
  2. Then I painted them with 2 coats of maroonish red.
  3. And using my nail art pen i did the flowers.
Please excuse the cuticles I was in a hurry so clicked the pictures before cleaning up. I always so impatient that I click pics as soon as I am done and I do the top coat and only then clean the edges so that the manicure doesn't get spoiled...  Ya I know I know I MUST change this habit. 

Lots of Love.