Monday, 12 May 2014

Random dotted nail art - For beginners

Heyy guys since I have been shifting to our new house I thought today I would do a simple nail art design for beginners. Hope you guys like it :)

This design doesn't require any tools.

Please ignore the polish on the sides of my pinky.

Just a base coat, any 2 opaque colors of your choice, black and white 2 in 1 nail paint with thin striping brush and a nib in 1 polish bottle (if you dont have these you can simple dip a tooth pick in your black and white polish and create dots using that) and a top coat to seal the design and to add a nice shine.

Easy peasy isn't it? (Oh every time I say easy peasy I have to say lemon squeezy idk y :P ^_^ LOL)

Lots of love.


  1. Amiga amei as unhas tenha uma semana abençoada
    Canal de youtube:

  2. obrigado & mesmo com você.. Translation from google pls ignore any mistakes :P :)

  3. i love it..its pretty n simple
    my recent one :