Friday, 9 May 2014

Currently testing : Passion indulge orange & grape seed oil

Heyyy guys :) Hope you all are doing great..

So on my testing table currently is face oils. Oils?? you must be thinking I keep saying I have oily skin and how can i slather more oil on my face, That will make it even more oily  right?? Nope my darlings thats not true.. We all need to moisturise and hydrate our skin and if chosen wisely oil can work wonders for all skin type. Its like iron cuts iron, oil eliminates oil.

Passion Indulge orange essential oil and grape seed carrier oil.

Ho do I use it? : I simply add 1 drop of orange essential oil to 4 drops of grape seed oil on my palm and gently massage it all over my face & neck except the eye area. After 10 mins I take off all the excess oil left on my face using a tissue by dabbing it against my skin.

So far my skin feel super soft and smooth and its giving me a nice subtle glow. After another 3 weeks I should be able to share my experience with this and to tell you if they work wonders for my skin or not :)

In my coming posts I will tell you about carrier oil and the benefits of grape seed oil.

Check out my post on Introduction to essential oils and All about sweet orange essential oil.

Do you use any oils in your beauty regime? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. never tried these, seems good!

  2. Does that really work guys? Any reviews ?

    1. I have heard great reviews of these oils so I decided to add it into my skin care regime.. M gonna use it for 3 works to actually start noticing the difference..
      And oils as such if chosen correctly works wonders is what my mom says. she swears by olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil.

  3. waiting for ur reviews...Looks good..
    my recent one :

  4. Sounds super nice! I too looking forward to the reviews! :)