Friday, 29 May 2015

Street Style Look book #Maxroadtoparis

Hello Everyone :)

I have something very *EXCITING*to share.

A lot of you have told me that you want to see the person behind this blog and asked  me why I am refraining from putting up my pictures, somehow I wasn’t ready and I was waiting for a mind blowing opportunity & a perfect timing to do so with a bang.

And hey I did get it (like they say, if you want it as bad as you breathe you get it). Max organized this amazing contest where a few bloggers participate to put up a street style look using 4 of their garments and 1 winner gets a trip to Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week (YES, I know *PARIS*, my dream city)  and will also be featured on the Elle Magazine.

As soon as I opened the Envelope on 6 May I was overjoyed and I knew I had to take it up. Because:

1.      It’s my most shopped Brand MAX because of being up to date with its collection and for stocking all latest trendy stuff at highly affordable price.
2.       This is the ultimate opportunity to do a Look post just like I dreamt.
3.      Duh, it’s PARIS.

Tadaaa............ That's me Priyanka 

It’s the addiction to shop at MAX and my dream to be in Paris which I see with eyes closed & open all the time that I got this chance (All my friends know how much I Love these two). I am a huge believer that if you believe in something with your heart and soul it does come true (Trust me I have experienced it). In this Dream MAX acted like a Fairy with a Magic wand and granted above 3 wishes in one. I could not believe my eyes when I read the mail but it's true. Majority of my shopping is from Max obviously because I get Latest trends without a hole in my pocket.

For people like me who feel they have nothing to wear on every single morning Max is the perfect destination to Quench all my Fashion thirst right from clothes, bags, footwear to accessories.
My style is more like *TIMELESSLY TRENDY* , I invest in latest trends that will stay around for quite a bit. I pick a trend and shop for it based on what suits my style and comfort.  And Max is always 1 of the first ones who is bang on with current trends and brings in new collection every season.

I always want to be unique and stand out from the crowd when it comes to my fashion sense but in a comfortable manner. While I style my wardrobe based on current trends, I opt for pieces that are timelessly trendy and never just follow any trendy blindly.

I have put together 3 looks keeping the latest trends Mixing prints, Soft layering, Tropical print, Ombre and Monochrome apart from others of this season in mind. 

Who doesn’t love things that multi task? While I was shopping at Max I saw this Vintage B&W Polka skirt & something just clicked, I knew I had to use this BUT not as a skirt as I wanted to be creative with it yet keep it effortless so I decided to use this as an Off shoulder/tube dress (Brownie points to the skirt for looking so good even as a dress) and layered it with this pretty Kimono, it has Aztec & floral print on geometrically placed black & white base.  I secured the two in place at my waist using this sleek tan belt to finish the look and add structure. 

I Kept the Make up fresh & clean with a soft eye liner and applied a lipstick in the classic English rose hue. I also love to co ordinate my nails with my clothes or the overall look & note every little detail so I recreated the prints from my kimono and painted aztec & floral print along with geometrically placed black & white base on my nails.

 For accessories I wore a Ear cuff in one ear and small clear stud in the other and colourful arm candy bracelet in various sizes along with a watch. I also added a oxidised floral ring with pearl detailing. 

Skirt - 599 INR (Max), Kimono – 699 INR (Max), Belt – Came with a top from Max (2 years ago), Footwear – Hill road, Mumbai, Oversized clutch – Jodhpur, Shades - exhibition in Chennai Trade Centre. Watch – Titan.

Look 2. Tropical Treat  

A casual chic look using this palm leaf print (So in this season) top that looks basic in the front and has a cute surprise with open cut out back. I paired it with my shorts that have a studded detailing on the pockets. I wanted this look to be sexy & chic so I wore peep toe pumps in black & red to up the oomph and make my legs look more slender.

For the makeup and went for soft but defined eyes and sultry lips that scream summer using an Orangish red lipstick that leans towards Vermilion by mixing & layering 3 different lipsticks. 

Top – 499 INR (Max), Shorts – DIY, Hat - Ladies Market,Hong Kong, Footwear - Boutique in Chennai, Envelope Sling bag –  Crawford market, Mumbai.  Watch – Skagen. 

Look 3: MAX(I) Madness
I have a thing for Maxi dresses and Ombre and this one has both in one. Want more? It is monochrome. The gradient hues move light to dark from the centre towards the ends & the attached knee length lining gives a taller look. The “ V ” cut out in the neckline adds a feminine touch while the cinched waist ensures a flattering fit. I kept the look very minimal and classic as the Maxi speaks for itself.

The best part of this Maxi is that you can dress it up or dress it down based on the look you are going for so I wore thin long earrings with B&W neck piece in one look  and a Long chain with chunky heart pendant that I got from Hong Kong paired with a Statement ring in gold and  wrist belt with my name in multi coloured rhinestones. You can wear this Maxi in the Day or Night and it will perfectly compliment your look.

For Make up I did a thin, slightly winged eye liner paired with a Bold Burgundy/ Marsala Lips that is huge this year and gave a very soft sun kissed glow to the face.

Maxi Dress – 899 (Max), Footwear – Gifted (Jodhpur).

For my pictures I want a good object (Back ground) that does not overpower the subject (me) since I wanted clutter free picture with no/least distraction and (Photo credits) my brother Akshay did a Fantastic job by doing just that.

All the pictures were shot along MRC Nagar, Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) & East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai which is about 70 kms from my home. There is a thing about OMR & ECR that we all chennaites especially love about *NAMMA CHENNAI*.  It’s the highway built along the coast on Bay of Bengal that makes it even more AMAZING. We chose to go during the sunrise so we were there at around 6 to get just the right amount of sun light.

We had so much fun shooting for all three looks at these great locations and was like a long drive for me and my Awesome younger brother who took these pictures and drove me around the city. Coconut water kept us hydrated in the humid Chennai weather & the scorching sun. 

Thank you so much for sticking around. Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing all the my 3 Street style looks that I have created. #maxroadtoparis #maxstreetstyle 

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  1. Woooow Priyanka! Love your outfits and accessories! You look stunning... waiting for more such fashion tips from you :)

  2. My best wishes and prayers for your dream to come true!

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    1. Thank you so much nausheen <3 please vote me for me :)

  5. Amazing and Stupendous work done .... You deserve a big round of applause ... Have Faith you are just a step closer to your dreams :) ALL THE BEST

  6. Anita Maria Durand1 June 2015 at 11:12

    Amazing stuff Priyanka �� Love your style and you look stunning especially the black maxi . Hope you definitely win this and that your dream comes true...

  7. Woooow Priyanka! Love all your pictures. Very creative. You put lots of thoughts and effort to all your outfits, accessories and background! You look stunning... Hope you win. Can’t wait for more such fashion tips from you. Can’t wait to hear the outcome of all your hardwork. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Anu, I am glad you loved them :) <3

  8. OMG you look Stunning Pri, love every shot, nice & clutter free :) such a creative idea to use Skirt as a dress in such a chic way :) Good Luck. Really want you to win.. Muah :-*

    1. Thanks niket :* yes that was the motive to have least distractions in the background :)

  9. Resplendent <3 Drooling over your dress sense, loved all 3 looks :) Gonna go to max to try look 1 & back cut out top, for the price I am loving them even more haha ;) And the nail art shows how much efforts you've put in. You truly deserve to win. All the best :)

    1. Thanks saloni I LOVE to deck up my nails according to the outfits <3 Happy you liked all the looks.. haha yes the collection is so awesome that i had a hard time choosing just 4 garments & for the price they sure cannot be missed :) Definitely check out their collection.

  10. No wonder ur soo appreciated😋, after all i clicked ur pics i hope u win and take me to paris along with u 😍😍😍❤️ Fingers crossed😉

    1. Definetely bro :* Thanks for getting up at 4 and driving me to ECR & taking all these pics <3

  11. I really loved the maxi on you!! You look so pretty :)

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