Monday, 2 December 2013


Hey guys its festive season and all of us are going to be decked up but whats important is you remove every trace of makeup before you crash on your oh so cozy bed.

Yes there are a lot of makeup removers out there but going the natural way is always best :).. so here is a list of my best Natural makeup removers.

1. Coconut oil : I use organic coconut oil extracted from my uncle's farm as its not processed and safe to use. Its nourishes and so its great for people with dry skin.

2. Almond oil : Its rich in Vitamin E is the most important anti oxidants required for younger looking skin and it reduces the free radicals which make your skin look older. It is great for anti ageing as it helps maintain skin's elasticity and keeps it supple.

It also contains Vitamin K which helps in reducing dark circles, improves discoloration and the best part is it does not clog your pores (earns brownie points). 

3. Olive Oil : Called liquid gold by ancient Greeks. Improves water retention capacity thus makes your skin more hydrated and younger looking. It also helps to even out skin tone and leaves it softer. Recommended for dry skin.


For face and lip makeup : Dab a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and remove your.

For eye makeup : Dip a Q-tip (ear bud) in oil and gently swipe it on your waterline and  lash line. For eye lids you can use a cotton ball.

So it not only removes every trace of makeup but does all the good to your skin. 
Just one or two  swipes and you can clean off all the nasty dust and makeup that invites skin troubles like acne, blackheads etc.

Since i have oily skin i like to wash my face after removing makeup with oil as well as makeup remover.

What do you use to remove your makeup? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love.
Priyanka :) xoxo


  1. I use coconut oil to remove my eye-makeup :) Great post..

  2. I like using olive oil. Moisturizes the under eye area as well. Nice post.

    1. ya true that, plus its rich in vitamin e :). thanks sangeeta..