Friday, 25 April 2014

Lakme Absolute Bi Phased Makeup Remover Review

Heyyy guys today I am reviewing my favorite makeup remover and its very pocket friendly.

How cute is the packaging??

ABOUT THE PRODUCT : As the name suggests it is a Bi Phased makeup remover it contains a mix of Oil and water which makes this product a super hero and helps to remove even the stubborn waterproof, smudge proof, long lasting makeup effectively.

Always remember to shake the bottle well so that the Oil and water is completely mixed and you get good results.

MY EXPERIENCE: I have a sensitive oily acne prone skin ( Aagghh ! I have all the skin troubles :-@ ) and all the oily skinned beauties might get scared knowing it contains oil that it might make the skin oily or it may clog the pores etc. But no my loveliees. It is a very light and non greasy make up remover that dint give me any break outs thankfully :) I love the packaging and its color a lot. Its sturdy and travel friendly too.

It removes all the stubborn makeup in a jiffy including water proof mascara, Gel eye liners and Super long stay lipsticks like the one shown in the pic below from Covergirl that you saw in my post HERE 

I follow it up with a face wash as it leaves a light residue of oil on my face but for girls with dry skin that may not be a concern.

Covergirl long stay lipstick, Oriflame Waterproof mascara, Maybelline Gel eyeliner

The remover is transparent and I generally use 2-3 sprays on a cotton pad for both my eyes and 3-4 sprays of rest of my face. So a little goes a long way.  

In one swipe with 2 sprays of  Lakme makeup remover

2nd swipe

Can be used for eye lips and entire face so no fuss about using 2 different makeup removers. Because usually after returning home after evening function and parties I am so dead and impatient to use 2 different makeup removers. So just one makeup remover followed with a face wash and I am go to sleep :P.  Ok toning too but when I am too tired i skip the moisturizer and just hit the bed.

3rd swipe

I generally use organic coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil as mentioned in my post HERE. But when I am travelling, exhausted  or in a hurry I simply use this one.


  1. Nice packaging, Sturdy & travel friendly too.
  2. Removes makeup effectively including waterproof and smudgeproof eye makeup.
  3. Can be used for eyes, lips & entire face.
  4. Light and non greasy.
  5. Economically priced.
  6. Little goes a long way.
  7. Does not break me out.
  8. Dint irritate my sensitive skin.
  9. Will suit people with all skin types.
  10. Each sprays gives just the right quantity.

  1. Leaves a slight residue on my face so I need to follow it up with a face wash

Price: INR 210 for 60 ml

ATSL Rating: 4.9/5

Its an effective, pocket friendly makeup remover which does a great job and is a must have for people on budget and otherwise. 

Take care,
Priyanka <3


  1. heard great reviews about this one, will check it out.

  2. I have used this and it has been my fav remover.. :)

  3. I would love to try it..I like the Maybelline on i have got...After i finish that one..I am getting this..Lovely review Babe! :)

  4. I generally wash my face after using the makeup remover so the residue is not the concern....
    Sounds perfect :)

  5. After I get over with my maybelline one, I am heading out to get this one!! great review honey!

  6. I have heard a lot of good things about it... Nice post . Check out Sonam Kapoor to launch loreal Lumiere on my website