Friday, 19 December 2014

My week on Instagram Volume 1

Heyy guys TGIF :D :D today I am starting a new series on instagram updates.

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You all know how much I love painting my nails so just like my first blog post my instagram picture had to be on my nails ;) I Love anything Vintage so I did this manicure a few months ago for the love of delicate vintage roses.

I like keeping my look simple for everyday wear so I just go for a soft brown liner look or just a black liner & soft kohl for my waterline with a subtle wing.

I love having some color on my lips as it instantly brightens up my face. In fact at times after I am done with my base makeup I apply lipstick with extremely light hand (or a tinted lip balm in the same color to moisturise the lips) so that it gives me control on proceeding with rest of the makeup. I know a lot of MUA who do this especially with bright lips. 

I LOVE wearing flats on an everyday basis especially these lace ballet shoes. They are extremely comfortable.  I got these from Mysore.

December so far was jam packed with bridals and this is a pretty bride's sister who had monolids & since she wanted a subtle look I used earthy tones to match her outfit and smoked out the outer V using a medium brown to make her eyes look elongated. I did a thin liner on top of the lids since I dint wanna use up her small lid space & went ahead with a nude kohl for water line & a black liner on lower lash line which I slightly winged in the outer corner.

I adore bows like anything and I prefer having some color on my toes as extremely lighter shades wash out our Indian feet (Unless you are blessed with extremely fair feet with Zero tan). The shade I am wearing on my toes is called Feisty Fuchsia from Maybelline Color show. Footwear from Big Bazaar for INR 399.

Ok so this is a year old bag that I absolutely adore and carry with me every single day. Its my go to bag. I like the brown and gold detailing which kind of puts everything together. I can literally stuff it with EVERYTHING trust me girls :) 

Best part its a street find from chennai for just 600 INR. 

Hope you like this series and please follow me on instagram (Search me as priyanka_atsl).

Loads of Love,

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