Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How to apply mascara like a Pro without any clumps

Tuesday Tip (Volume 1): Avoid Mascara clumps

Heyy guys, Today I am starting a new series *Tuesday Tip* in which I will share Makeup, Hair, Nail & Fashion Hacks and tips with you all. To make the getting ready process easy & hassle free. 

This tip will help you get most natural looking thick & long lashes without any clumps.

Two most important points before we get started

  • Mascaras expire within 3 months of opening so please DO NOT use it after that since it is a breeding ground for infection causing bacteria. 
  • Do not share your mascara with ANYBODY to prevent infections. 

Lets get started.

  1. Wipe off excess mascara from the wand on a tissue to avoid clumps and getting 2-3 lashes stick together. That's not what we want right? Its not wasting guys trust me. You will experience a cleaner & neat application.
  2. Comb (Optional) & Curl your lashes.
  3. Hold the wand horizontally & wiggle the wand inwards towards your inner corner twice for both upper & lower lashes.
  4. Now again hold the wand horizontally & wiggle the wand outwards towards your ear as if you were fanning them out. Do this twice on upper & lower lashes.
  5.  Not to make sure every lash is seperate and well coated, hold the mascara vertically and apply it in upward direction on upper lashes & in downward direction for lower lashes.
Voila! Now you have thick & long lashes.

This will instantly open up your eyes and make them look wide and will lift up a tired face.

Hope you find this tip helpful & enjoy the new series. Let me know if you want any solutions or hacks for your beauty or fashion woes and it might be my next post. 



  1. Great tips. I always struggle with clumps. This article is going to help me well. Great post :)

    1. Glad its of helpful to you :) let me know if it works for you dear.

  2. I follow the rest steps but always forget to hold the mascara vertically .. Lovely tips :)

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    1. Thanks rajshree. Try doing it next time and you will have amazing lashes in the end :)

  3. Nice tips babe! I agree wiggling the wand makes such a huge difference :)

  4. Informative tip dear! Will keep that in mind whenever I'm applying mascara :)