Monday, 12 October 2015

Unusual DIY Oatmeal scrub - Kama Ayurveda Event in Chennai

Hello Everyone :) 

I was invited at the Kama Ayurveda Event that took place in their store in Phoenix Market city Mall in Chennai where they  hosted a talk on Liver DETOX and AYURVEDA.
We were welcomed with a Mint cooler juice and the Event ended with some delicious snacks. 

The talk was an interactive DIY session which enlightened the our knowledge about Ayurveda and its benefits for the skin, beauty and blissful living. The session was an authentic ayurvedic experience at its best!

Dr. Ashish Kumar started off by speaking on 3 different Doshas that all of us have in our body, the Kapha, vatta & pitta. The Main focus of the Event was Pitta that is related to Liver health & what happens when there is an imbalance. He says Liver is considered as the QUEEN organ of our body. 

Aggravation of Pitta is the main reason for occurrence of  many skin related problems the most common being Acne & pigmentation/discolouration. When there is an imbalance in Pitta it effects our Liver. In extreme situation it causes blood clotting, jaundice, nutrients dont get absorbed in the hemoglobin. 

To help calm down pitta Mint & coriander are very helpful.

It was a total learning experience with insights on useful tips and at the end of the session we all got a chance to get personal consultation from the Doctor on what Dosha category do we fall in and remedies for the same. 

Each of us received a Kama Ayurveda Hamper containing Rose & Jasmine Face care box, samples of Bringadi intensive Hair treatment oil, Lavanya natural plant mask and the DIY scrub that was made live at the store. 

MYTH BUSTED: Drinking Lemon + Honey in hot water on an empty stomach isn't so much of an good idea since honey should never be heated up and lemon can cause production of acids in some. The best thing to do is drink plain luke warm water as it helps clear out toxins.  

About Kama Ayurveda
Since its inception in 2002, Kama has been committed to producing high quality, ethical, and beautifully packaged products. Following traditional ayurvedic remedies, Kama’s philosophy is to promote a chemical-free world, and celebrate natural miracles.  The brand’s partnership with Coimbatore’s Arya Vaidýa Pharmacy (AVP) ensures strict quality control, tested effectiveness, and a high-standard of research and development based on traditional Ayurvedic principles.

Each of Kama’s oils, serums, mists, soaps and cleansers embody a sense of authenticity and honesty; Kama Ayurveda minimizes the use of artificial colouring, fragrances and petrochemicals and is completely against animal testing. The Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and Bringadi Intensive Hair treatment are amongst the brand’s top-selling items: both have offered thousands of men and women across age groups natural solutions to common problems.

The Kama Philosophy
Our philosophy emphasizes the harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual realms, the whole being. According to Ayurveda, literally translated as the Knowledge of Life, the energies affecting the universe also operate on human physiology. Broken links between the mind and the body must be restored and balanced in order to achieve health, contentment and peace.

DIY OATMEAL SCRUB for all skin types for Face & Body.

Please use all Organic ingredients.

2 tbsp       Oatmeal
2 tbsp       Honey
2 tbsp       Chamomile tea (Strongly brewed)
3/4 drops  Almond oil
5 drops     Lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients together and its ready to use. You can store it upto a 5 days in refrigerator.

You can obviously add or skip ingredients mentioned above to suit your skin type.


On clean skin spray some rose water and spread this scrub in small circular motion and gently exfoliate your skin.

  • Gentle Cleansing
  • Removing dead cells
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Soothes irritated skin.
  • Adds a subtle glow.
  • Helps remove tan in the long run.

   Its a power packed scrub That can be adjusted to suit all skin types.

Review Coming soon: Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Fluid and Kumkumadi scrub.

Have you tried the Oatmeal scrub before? Did it work? If you try this recipe out let me know how it works in the comments down below.


  1. Great DIY..Something I would like to mention about the myth busted:
    Honey is a very complicated product..Honey does wonders only if it is slightly warmed and not heated so honey mixed with warm water works like a n elixir for body..whereas drinking it with hot or cold water has adverse effects...This knowledge to me was imparted by Swami Ramdev Ji ...I hope so you correct it in your post.

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    2. Thanks for updating me :) Dr Ashish said the above mentioned points. But well he dint say cant be warmed up so ya may be he meant not to be had with hot water. I replaced "warm" with hot now :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this easy DIY! Looks interesting as a scrub :)

    1. Yup I've been using the sample I received & am gonna make some more myself :)

  3. I heard that oatmeal works great for exfoliation. . But this DIY sounds great.. Thanks for sharing

  4. Sounds like a very nice DIY.

    1. If you try it out let me know how it works sangeeta :)

  5. Sounds great !! Thanks for sharing <3

  6. I am all for Ayurveda and diy home remedies! Oat is great for oily skin!

  7. Good product from this brand. I have used them earlier.

  8. The scrub sounds so god for skin, should try it out

  9. Scrub sounds good! Would surely try it. Nice post, dear :)

  10. Nice ...I will try it for sure 😀

  11. This oatmeal scrub sounds good. :-) Have a nice day..

  12. I did not meet u at the event ??? By the way the last pic.. those are my hands. How did you get that pic ?

    1. I dint meet you either, I met Pavithra though. I came in late. And Pavi left soon after the event got over ie before the consultation, while I was waiting there for the consultation. Were you with her? I also met her later @ lifestyle! While Pavi was taking a video or something I was clicking the pic of the Kama lady doing the demo on a girl (Which now I learnt was you). Since her pic dint come out well I cropped her & uploaded just the demo part. Thats how I clicked the pic.

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