Friday, 28 March 2014

Maduban naturals pomegranate face & body scrub review

Helloo lovely lady :) <3

Off lately I am a lot into all natural and organic skin care products as most of them have no side effects and if chosen the right product according to your skin type and concern it will deliver preferred result with continued usage.

One such product is the Maduban Naturals Pomegranate Face and body scrub which I showed you in my Haul post HERE. I got it online from natural mantra when mega sale was going on around republic day.

Maduban Naturals Pomegranate Face & Body Scrub - 100 Gms


For face and neck:
  • 1 tsp of Maduban scrub
  • Water- to mix it into a semi liquid paste like consistency
  • Allow this mixture to marinate for 10 mins so that the mixture becomes soft and gentle
  • Dampen your skin with warm water and smooth the fruit scrub gently onto your  neck and face.
  • Moisten your fingers and massage the scrub onto your skin using a circular motion to exfoliate.
  •  Avoid area around the eyes.
  • Rinse the scrub with warm water and gently pat dry your body with a soft, dry towel.

The website says :

Uniqueness of our Face & Body Scrub
  • We have used highly concentrated extracts (10 times concentration) of fresh whole fruits peel, seeds, juice. We do not use just dried fruit powder. The high concentration extracts deliver better results at lower quantity of usage.

  • The extracts of the fruits used in the formulation are all manufactured by us and not purchased from outside commercial sources.

  • We do not use any organic solvents in our extraction process.

  • All the fruits used for extraction are sourced straight from select farms.

  • Oats of the highest quality is used in the formulation.

  • The formulation is 100 % Pure & Natural and totally free of any additives, preservatives (the main reason we decided to offer the formulation in the form of powder and not paste).

This natural skin care product is made without Parabens, Lanolin, Ethyl alcohol, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, phthalates, colorants or any chemicals to bring you the purest exfoliator that nature can offer.

The scrub contains Pomegranate, Papaya whole fruit extract and High quality oatmeal all of which are GREAT for the skin. High in antioxidants that leave the skin looking radiant and fresh.


  1. Intake of Pomegranate on a regular basis is considered as an ELIXIR OF YOUTH.
  2. It contains omega-5 fatty acid, Vitamin A,C and  E  which is excellent to delay the sign & effects of ageing. 
  3. Best part is that it suits all skin types.
  4. Helps regenration of cells in the epidermis and dermis layer and increases the healing process of wounds. 
  5. Protects against sun damage and treats it too.


  1. Helps in reducing pimples and blemishes.
  2. Delays the signs of ageing.
  3. Makes the skin look fairer.
  4. Hydrates the skin.


  1. Treats acne.
  2. Moisturises skin.
  3. Rich in fibre.
  4. Anti inflamatory.
  5. Natural gentle cleanser.
  6. Makes a protective layer on the skin to fight against UV damage.

This is how it should look like after sitting for 10 mins

I am soo impressed by this scrub.

At first when I saw the scrub I was afraid that big chunks may scar my sensitive skin and all that so I decided to use it for my hands first just to test it out. But oh boy! Don’t get intimidated  by seeing its big granules they are soo gentle on skin.

I use it twice  a week as I have oily skin prone to acne. If you have normal or dry skin use it once a week.
Its doing great for my sensitive skin and does not give me any rash,redness or itching. Yaaaayyyyyyyy :D

How it feels on my skin :

  1. It takes out all the dust and grime.
  2. Did help lighten my pimple marks with regular use.
  3. Does loosen the blackheads a little.
  4. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh.
  5. I see a slight glow on my face after using this scrub. 
  6. Does not irritate my sensitive skin.
  7. 100% natural, pure and organic.
  8. Very gentle on skin.
  9. Removes dead cell and flaky skin.
  10. No side effects (yuppie)
  1. Dint help in preventing pimples but that is next to impossible for any product to do that as occurrence of pimples is not just related to products we use but also what we consume and exposure to sun so None for me.

All in all does its job well and meets the claims.

PRICE: 225 INR for 100 grams. But I got it on sale for 190 ^_^

ATSL Rating : 5/5 <3 

Will definitely repurchase this. 

Please excuse the lengthy review but I just love this product soo much :)

Go the organic way as much as possible.

Disclaimer : I have purchased this product from my own money.


  1. Nice Review Dear... Will it suit people with sensitive skin also? Check out my latest review on Bio Oil Review

  2. Yes it definitely will.. I also have sensitive, oily acne prone skin and it does a really good job without irritating my skin :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yup its damn good for oily skin :) In fact I have a oily skin only..!!