Wednesday, 6 August 2014

YSL fusion Ink foundation inspired by NASA?

Heyy you guyss :)

While i was browsing the net I came across this very interesting article on Vogue about the YSL LE TINT ENCRE DE PEAU Fusion Ink foundation thats so advanced technologically that its inspired by NASA and is said to last for 24 hours (  Whaaaaattt????  Are you kidding me?? yeahh that was my reaction).

Apparently its a boon for oily skinned beauties and leaves skin matte without making it look cakey.  Pretty awesome right?

Its gonna launch Worldwide on August 20, 2014, while its official launch will be on August 10 in all Debanhams store in UK. Yaayyyy so quick unlike the MAC limited edition collection that launch sooo late :(

Read the whole article HERE  and dont forget to watch the video there below.

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