Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Delicate Floral Fantasy Manicure

Hey guyss:) So today I am back with another Manicure post for you guys.

There are times I feel very feminine and I fantasize a lot and feel so fragile :P :P I am sure it not just me and must of you guys also feel so at times :) Let me know in the comments down below if you do.

So today is one of those days that I felt like doing a very soft and delicate Manicure that expresses my mood so I chose really soft and pretty colors as you can see. 

I chose pearly white as a overall base and baby pink for the rose flower detail. I feel so dainty and angelic with this on I don't know why angelic  though haha :P

I wish I cud do a whole LOTD post wearing the soft floral head gear, a flowy maxi dress and baby pink pout but I guess I am still not ready to do FOTD yet so until then enjoy my Manicures :P

As you guys can see I chose to do 2 different variants of roses you can do which ever you like best <3

I hope that you guys like this Manicure. You can check out the vintage rose manicure version HERE with the tutorial for the same :)

Lots of love,

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