Monday, 17 November 2014

My first Gel Nail Polish

Heyy guys:) Hop you all are doing good..!!

Firstly I am so sorry for being MIA yet again. Let me give you an update on whats keeping me busy lately. I joined as an Assistant Bridal Makeup Artist in Chennai on 1st of July this year so I am kinda loving and enjoying doing that. And mid September I started going to my cousin's Nail spa in Chennai to get professionally trained in All kinds of polish application, art  ( Regular, Gel & Acrylic) and Extensions in Gel & Acrylic. 

How do I manage both? Well  long story short, the bridal season was off till October so I was able to concentrate on Nails. The nails thing is just for a short period ( My cousin is carrying so When she is away for delivery and post delivery she wants me to look after her Spa & be a nail artist there for 2-3 months).

Yaayyy :) So cool right? I know I am finally going after what I love. If I haven't told you already I wanna become an Entrepreneur and I wanna have my own Fashion line, be a Makeup Artist & a Nailist. I am not sure how I will manage all three but I am working out plans for it so lets see what best I am able to do. Also this is gonna take some long time to do. Fingers crossed. (Need all your best wishes)

What will happen to the blog? I may not be very regular (But I promise I will do every bit possible to be quite active) Let me thank you all lovely readers for your love & support shown on my blog.

Ok now enough talking about me lets get to the point. So since I am going to the nail spa I got my first gel nail polish done. 

Basic solid color starts from INR 800 and goes on depending on art & jewels, stones, studs that you get done. 

I had them on for about 20 days with absolutely no chipping.  

I got a pretty emerald green done with 2 two simple nails on each ring finger.

My first gel nails :)

Now you may ask if the stones stayed on for 20 day too. Answer is Of course yes and I did all sorts of work like kneading the dough, Diwali work ( well maid did most of it but I helped her too). So ya you get an idea of what all this can go through right? 

My lovely readers the finish is just AH- MAZING that once you get this done all your expensive regular polishes & top coats will seem blahh. Trust me girls its so smooth and glossy (With being plastic-y glossy if you know what I mean).

For all you brides to be, honeymooners, college girls, or just about any girls ( we are girls isn't that alone enough to spulrge and indulge in a  Pro Nail spa/ art session :P ) should definetely try out. 

I hope you guys will always stick around. 

P.s : Let me know if you need pro tips on regular polish application or details on gel polish etc or anything else.

Lots of love,


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