Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Heyy pretty :).. hope you guys are having a fun week end... today I am gonna tell you guys about some of the amazing beauty benefit of green tea for skin ans hair. All of us are aware that it helps in weight loss but it also has tremendous benefits on skin and hair.

It contains flavanoids (polyphenols), 2-4% caffiene that boosts the memory and thinking abilities, anti oxidants and anti inflamatory properties.

Green tea is best consumed or applied onto the skin.

 Benefits of green tea on skin

  1. Fights against free radicals.
  2. Protects against skin cancer.
  3. Reduces and heals the sun damage caused onto our skin.
  4. Delays the ageing process.
  5. Prevents wrinkles, freckles, saggy skin.
  6. Increases the elasticity of the skin thus making it soft and supple.
  7. It is anti bacterial thus helps in curing acne and pimples.
  8. The anti oxidants helps in cell renewal process.
  9. Prevents skin cancer.
  10. Soothes any redness or irritation on the skin.
Benefits of green tea on hair
  1. Strengthens your hair.
  2. Stimulates and improves blood circulation.
  3. Reduces hair fall.

There are various reasons of hair loss like:

-unclean scalp
-stress, anxiety
-prolonged illness like typhoid, jaundice
-hormonal imbalance

But the two main factors which cause hair loss the most are DHT factor and loss of blood circulation to your hair follicles. 

Green tea can be the solution to these two problems.
DHT (DiHydro Testosterone), which is produced by a particular enzyme (called 5Aplpha) in the body along with testosterone. This DHT then attaches itself to the hair follicles thus shrinking the size of the latter. This is sometimes aggravated by genetic reasons as well, which is why hair loss is also depended on your genetic history.

Since green tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant, it reduces DHT and Cholesterol in your body. It is a herbal process of fighting against the 5Alpha, thus minimizing the effects of hair follicle reduction. It works like a marvel in strengthening hair strands.

Green tea contains a certain molecule called catechin in oodles. This is helpful in acting as an anti-biotic and anti-carcinogenic. Moreover, catechin also helps in stimulating hair growth. 

Enough of Global gyan :P happy green tea to you all :D :D 

In my next posts i will tell you guys how you can include it into your diet and skin & hair care regime.

Take care.
Lots of love.
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  1. Nice and informative article! I dont love green tea that much but there are few days that i manage to drink it :)

  2. Same here.. I dont really like the taste of it but the benefits it has draws me to it :)