Thursday, 13 February 2014

My first online shopping experience

Helloooo to all the lovely readers of ATSL. I am super excited to write this post. As you all guess by the title that its my first online shopping and it had to be something really good and worth to be the first purchase so here it is, all ORGANIC & NATURAL skin care & hair products.

I shopped  from and it is a wonderful website with good & friendly Customer help chat box available to answer all your queries. How did i come across this? Well, since my skin is soo unruly i dint have a good moisturizer i was searching for a good natural moisturizer to treat my oily, acne prone skin on Google and came across this website. I shopped on 22nd January and Republic day sale was going on at that time so I took it to my advantage and made my very first purchase. And I liked the hair products in just 2 trials so much and also face moisturizer too, that i ordered 2 more of hair products and 1 moisturizer on 31st January which was the last day of sale eeee B-) *so happy*

I got my order in three different parcels from their 3 different warehouse in Chennai, Delhi & Mumbai.

1. Lass Naturals IHT 9 anti hair loss pack & coffee and oatmeal soap
2. Neev Aloe & Lavender body wash
3. Madhuban pomegranate face and body scrub

1. Lass Naturals IHT9 anti hair loss pack. It contains shampoo, conditioner & hair oil of 200 ml each
2. Lass naturals coffee & oatmeal soap.
3. Neev aloe & lavender body wash.
4. Aurva aromatherapy lemongrass & tea tree face moisturizer.
5. Madhuban pomegranate face & body scrub.  

As of now I have used the hair pack, moisturizer and scrub and i am liking it so far. I used the body wash once and found it too runny almost watery you can see the bubbles in the bottle on the right in the pic below.

I got all the products in a week. and my second order that is 2 anti hair loss pack & 1 moisturizer in just 3 days. Which is pretty good :)

Detailed review will be up once I use all these products for a month at least.

That's all for now.

Lots of love.
Stay natural ;)


  1. hi priyanka
    could u please give a detail review on aurva aromatherepy lemongrass tea tree face moisturizer. cause i also wanted to buy it as my skin is oily and having acne so i wanted to try chemicel free moisturizer then i found your blog.


    1. Hey priya will do a detailed review by end of this month. Keep checking .