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Groom's Wedding Day Emergency Survival Kit

Hello everybody :)

Today's post is something unusual of what I regularly write. I see a lot of websites writing posts on Brides and Bride's Emergency Kit etc., When I was searching for groom's Emergency kit essentials there were barely any posts written so I decided to fill in the gap for my own need and hence I came up with the idea of  writing a post and sharing with you guys as well.

WARNING : This is a Super Exhaustive List

I have tried to include whatever came into my mind, because hey you want to be completely prepared right?


1.Cell phone charger, Power bank.
2. Wallet which has money, coins, credit/debit cards, Driving license
3. Money envelopes. ( Indian Weddings call too much of giving and taking money)
4. Hand kerchief
5. Mint, Mouth freshner

II. Shaving Kit

6. Razor
7. Shaving cream/foam
8. After shave
9. Blade
10. Scissors
11. Beard/ Moustache Trimmer
12. Cotton
13. Dettol
14. Cotton buds

III. First Aid kit

15. Band aid
16. Pain relief (Body, Head,)
17. Anti acid
18. Anti allergy
19. Crocin/ Dolo 650
20. Prescribed Medicines
21. Some coconut oil to soothe any last min rash.
22. Pain relief spray/ ointment, Iodex.
23. Vapour rub/ Vicks inhaler
24. Eye drops.
25. Nail clipper

IV. Toiletries/ Personal care

26. Shower Gel
27. Stain remover
28. Shampoo
29. Deodrant
30. Perfume
31. Towel
32. Toothpaste
33. Toothbrush
34. Mouth wash
34. Toothpick
36. Hair gel/Wax
37. Lip balm
38. Vaseline
39. Comb/ Brush/ Roller
40. Lint roller
41. Boxer shorts
42. Contact lens, Spectacles
43.Lens solution
44. Aspirin tablets - Non coated (Incase you get a last minute break out, Come on Men can have it too)

V. Miscellaneous

45. Sewing kit ( Needle & threads, basically those small kits)
46. Extra buttons
47. Extra pair of shoe lace
48.Cuff links
49. Buttons
50. Check your jutis for any possible wear and tear. You know jutis can ditch you.
51. Shoe soul
52. Shoe polish and or brush
53. Rubber bands
54. Safety pins
55. Fevi kwik
56. Snacks, Nuts, Energy drinks
57. Water bottles ( to stay hydrated )
58. Note pad & pen
59. Scotch tape & double sided tape
60. Umbrella/ Raincoat
61. Lint roller
62. Face scrub only if you have used it earlier too ( to avoid last minute allergies. Trust me using a face scrub after doing your face wash will make so much of a difference)

Other important things to check:

1. Your engagement ring. May be you remove it for your haldi and forget to wear it or something. Make sure you are wearing it on your big day or your Bride is sure to be mad at you for not wearing it.

2. Mobile number of atleast 2 of the Bride's Contact person. Just incase you are unable to reach her coz may be she is getting her makeup done or something and you need to talk something important or get her updates on reaching at the Venue.

Your Driver's Phone number.

3. Your Best man and frieds to help you tie your tie, bows, turban, Etc, most importantly to de stress and keep you relaxed.

4. Dont keep your outfit for last minute ironing trust me I have seen my cousins who did that and it creates lot of delay.

5. Your outfit itself, So many of you forget either your New undergarments, Belts, Waist Coat or Shirt. (My cousin tried out his outfit and Left the shirt at Home So he had to Wear his brother's shirt pheww not fair for both right?)

6. Watch, Belts, Socks in matching color as your outfit or pants or jutis whichever applicable.

7. The sword. If its a tradition in your wedding, of course.

8. Your jewellery and your tilak (Man's Bindi, Is that what its called :P )

9. A secret, Special May be small gift to give your Bride When you see her first on your Wedding day. Just make sure its something she can have with her while she is on stage or in the ceremony.

Nothing is sweeter & sexier at the same time for a Girl than her Guy giving her the most unexpected surprise.  Its has 2 benefits you will get extra something from her (winks). It will change her nervous emotions into super happy ones and seeing her happy you are sure to get something in return from her hence making you happy and relaxed too.

That was a LOOOOOOT I know But I am sure this will be very helpful for all of you.

Please let me know in the comments below if I have missed something.

Lots of love,

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  1. no u didn't missed anything. Useful one :) will be book marking this :) Thanks for the informative post :) Keep upcoming post like this :)