Monday, 23 February 2015

Flirty Heart tips Manicure

Hello Gorgeous  :) I am back with another Manicure Monday post after AGES and the design I did today is a Flirty heart French Manicure. 

I know Valentines is over but hey its not a bad idea to wear hearts on nails when ever you want :) Also its still the Valentines month;) 

I wanted to shape my nails differently this time with out loosing its length and Since my nails were really long and square shaped I decided to do STILETTO nail shape.

Stiletto is pointy nail tips. While I dint make mine super pointy I slightly made them blunt.

The polishes I used are Maybelline Color show in Crystal clear & Hooked on pink. Yes Maybelline again because I love them soo much <3 

Isn't my phone case cute? I love it a lot. Now I am planning to turn fill in the Flirty heart tips with some polka dots.

Should I?

My nails would then go so well with my phone cover LOL :D :D

UPDATE : I could not resist doing polka dot on these heart tips so here is a finished look if you want to see how it looks.

I think its looks so much cuter this way. 

Hope you guys like this Manicure design. Please comment below and let me know if you wanna see video tutorials of my nail designs and what post do you wanna read next?



  1. Stunning nail art Priyanka! <3

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